Family Counseling

Support that your family needs to overcome difficult times, cope with trauma and build a stronger relationship in the midst of it all

It’s time for change

Your Family’s Curated Path to Thriving in Life: Family Counseling in Miami Beach

Families are an important foundation of our societal structure and each family member should take on an essential role in creating the right balance to keep the framework strong. However, many people struggle with issues that are often related to inadequate dynamics within their families or individual traumatic experiences of family members. Respecting and understanding boundaries, learning to find compromises, and working through past issues are common ways that many families are able to find their groove again. 

Our beliefs about family counseling:

Our belief is that a person does not have an issue in isolation because they’re not alone in their family. Whether going through a divorce, helping a teenager overcome anxiety, or facing a family crisis, we want as many family members involved in the process as possible.

Divorce Transition Counseling

Divorce is one of the most difficult transitions that families can make.  Even with the most amicable families, it represents a loss, a loss of the family unit you once knew and marks one of the most difficult transitions that some couples who will inevitably choose to divorce will have to endure.  One of the healthiest choices one can make is to work with a coach or therapist to help your family through this life-altering transition.

Family Counseling Sessions Will Help:

  • Resolve conflicts in an effective manner
  • Help parents overcome depression and anxiety
  • Build parent-child connections
  • Understand and respect each other’s differences
  • Navigate marriage problems
  • Lessen the stress of divorce or overcome the trauma of divorce as a family
  • Create healthy and positive changes to your family’s dynamics
  • Overcome issues with family communication
  • Develop parenting skills that build strong and trusting connections
  • Find ways to overcome grief and trauma in the family
  • Find balance as a blended family
  • Neutralize traumatic or crisis situations

Our Approach To Family Counseling

The families that we counsel come from all walks of life but are all searching for the same thing: a stronger, more understanding, and more cohesive family structure where love and respect are at the forefront.  

Our in-person or online therapy sessions from our office in Miami Beach are the perfect place for families to feel comfortable opening up and sharing their challenges. Our curated approach to finding the right remedy for the matter at hand will help to create the perfect proactive plan to negate challenging issues before they appear. Multiple family members can attend the sessions from any location with Internet access. While attending our family counseling services, you will have the opportunity to express yourself in a controlled environment and work through the issues that you feel are causing friction, disappointment, or uncertainty. We understand that each situation is different and will provide you with customized solutions that will give your family the right tools and pathways to become a better, more open, and unified unit.

According to some of our clients, this service has been absolutely “life-changing and transformative”.

Therapy Methods That We Use

We use systemic therapeutic models such as CBT, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Structural Therapy, Attachment Theory, and/or Transgenerational models of therapy. 

Work With Me

Start the transformation to
being happier, feeling better and more fulfilled

Step 1

Phone Consultation

(15 to 30 Minutes)

This step will allow us to connect so that I can get a better understanding of your needs and goals. 

Step 2

Schedule Your Appointment

Your first appointment will be what is called an intake session where we will dig deeper into your challenges in order to get a better understanding of where we need to go next. 

Step 3

Create a Treatment Plan

The intake session will allow me to create a roadmap where we will be able to target the root issues that you are dealing with and provide a path to restoration.