Adolescent Counseling

A safe place for your teenager to navigate this transitional period of their life or cope with emotional and social issues.

It’s time for change

Your Teen’s Curated Path to Thriving in Life: Adolescent Counseling in Boca Raton Fl

Let’s face it, the teenage years are not easy on anyone. Your adolescent is going through a time of hormonal changes, searching for independence, and trying to find out who they really are. Unfortunately, the easy days of bribing them with a trip to get ice cream are over and as a parent, you are now faced with the struggle of trying to connect with your teenager and help them through this difficult period in their life. That is where our services can help by creating the perfect plan to help you and your adolescent.

Our Teenage Therapy Sessions Can Help:

  • Find resolutions to teenage conflicts
  • Create a relationship of trust between parents and teens
  • Improve school or academic issues
  • Overcome depression and overwhelming feelings of sadness
  • Find solutions for eating, confidence, or anxiety disorders
  • Build a positive body image that makes your teenager feel confident from the inside out
  • Overcome grief and traumatic experiences
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Develop coping and problem-solving skills
  • Help your teenager find successful tactics to cope with mild OCD, ADHD, or Autism
  • Stop the feelings of anxiety and panic attacks
  • Develop better communication and social skills 
  • Deal with the trauma and stress of parents’ divorce

Our Approach To Adolescent Counseling

The teenage clients that we work with are simply young people looking for their place in life. They are exploring their world and face a lot of challenges that most adults never deal with. By working through the issues that they face with a curated approach in a reactive and proactive way, major improvements can be seen.

We specialize in recognizing and diagnosing the multiple emotional challenges that adolescents face on a daily basis. Our virtual or in-person sessions from our Miami Beach office are designed to create a setting for our clients where issues can be discussed and addressed in a calm manner. By finding the root causes of negative feelings and conflicts, the world of both teenagers and their parents/siblings can change drastically for the better.

Work With Me

Start the transformation to
being happier, feeling better and more fulfilled

Step 1

Phone Consultation

(15 to 30 Minutes)

This step will allow us to connect so that I can get a better understanding of your needs and goals. 

Step 2

Schedule Your Appointment

Your first appointment will be what is called an intake session where we will dig deeper into your challenges in order to get a better understanding of where we need to go next. 

Step 3

Create a Treatment Plan

The intake session will allow me to create a roadmap where we will be able to target the root issues that you are dealing with and provide a path to restoration.