Couples Therapy in Boca Raton Fl

Rekindle, Renew, and Strengthen Your Relationship
Licensed couples and marriage therapist in Boca Raton, Diana Wile-Sellars

Build Healthier, Happier Relationships as a Couple

At Curated Coaching and Counseling, Diana Wile Sellars, LMFT specializes in helping couples build healthier, happier relationships.  As a bilingual (English and Spanish) highly trained systemic couples’ therapist, she is dedicated to guiding you and your partner through the challenges and joys of your relationship journey right here in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida.   

Strengthen your relationships as a couple or a family

Recover from trauma, build trust and a deeper level of connection

With extensive experience and training, I bring a deep understanding of the complexities couples face. Through my own unique experience and approach, I have realized that true healing isn’t found in the obvious everyday details and arguments that couples face.   

Meaningful changes are often masked by deeper contextual wounds, trauma responses or relational complexities from your family of origin that either party may not even be fully aware of.  Through vulnerable and safe conversations, healing begins to occur as awareness and insight settle in.

From the very first visit with me, you will feel at ease with a customized treatment plan for you and your partner to strengthen your relationship from the root of the problem.  From the complementary consultation, to your very first session we curate your therapeutic experience with the challenges your relationship is facing.  Tailored sessions to address specific relational challenges, from communication to infidelity and rebuilding trust, my systemic approach ensures that every session is comprehensive and holistic.  

Couples Therapy Will Help:

  • Strengthen relationships
  • Navigate marriage problems
  • Learn how to communicate effectively
  • Resolve conflicts in an effective manner
  • Understand and respect each other’s differences
  • Build better parenting skills
  • Neutralize traumatic or crisis situations
  • Find ways to overcome grief and trauma in the family
  • Overcome issues with family communication
  • Rebuild trust after infidelity
  • Navigate life transitions as new parents
  • Enhance passion, intimacy and playfulness in a relationship
Couples coaching session in Boca Raton Fl

Couples Coaching

Couples coaching is ideal for couples looking to enhance their relationship proactively. The coaching sessions provide tools and strategies to keep your relationship thriving.  

Relationship Coaching

Whether you’re in a new romantic relationship or a long-term partnership, relationship coaching helps you build a strong foundation to navigate through the various unexpected transitions throughout the lifespan. From coming together and deciding on marriage to working through the complexities, joys and uncertainties that come with becoming first time parents, relationship coaching can help ensure you and your partner are ready to face challenges together. Parenting coaching can also be incorporated as the beauty and uncertainty that comes with parenting can also pose communication barriers in the way of building the conscious family you envision.

Relationship coaching session near Boca Raton Fl

Let’s Meet

Diana Wile Sellars

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Hello, My name is Diana Wile Sellars and I’m a bilingual, culturally informed licensed family therapist providing in-person and virtual couples/relational coaching as well as couples therapy both in person and virtually.  My work focuses on trans generational awareness, trans-generational patterns that have been present in families for generations. Throughout our childhood, adolescence and young adulthood we run into conflict with and within ourselves and inevitably with others.  Without fully understanding our history and the underlying narrative that is deeply embedded in our ancestral history and repeated patterns, how can we fully understand ourselves and our struggles to truly live and thrive?  I love working with families and individuals that contact me for assistance in one or many areas of their lives only to go through this process and experience the tremendous amount of growth and healing that my services provide.  

I believe in taking a collaborative approach to helping clients reach their full potential whether their conflict or difficulties are specific to relationships or their personal struggles.  Curated Coaching and Counseling is exactly the service offered to my clients that goes far beyond the traditional practice of individual and family therapy.  Piece by piece, layer by layer, moment to moment, I help my clients curate the life of their dreams, heal unresolved past traumas, build healthier and happier relationships like never before and see the life they’re living with a new lens and a new thirst to live their lives with intention and purpose. 

Therapy Methods That We Use

We use systemic therapeutic models such as CBT, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Structural Therapy, Attachment Theory, and/or Transgenerational models of therapy. 

Work With Me

Start the transformation to
being happier, feeling better and more fulfilled

Step 1

Phone Consultation

(15 to 30 Minutes)

This step will allow us to connect so that I can get a better understanding of your needs and goals. 

Step 2

Schedule Your Appointment

Your first appointment will be what is called an intake session where we will dig deeper into your challenges in order to get a better understanding of where we need to go next. 

Step 3

Create a Treatment Plan

The intake session will allow me to create a roadmap where we will be able to target the root issues that you are dealing with and provide a path to restoration.